Exercises For Seniors As Guided By A Personal Trainer Los Gatos

By Brandon Watkins

Seniors should never stop working out. They'll benefit a lot from participating in light to moderate exercises every day. They are very prone to illnesses and a regular exercise routine could keep them away from the doctors. They could hire the services of a personal trainer Los Gatos who could ensure that they are doing the proper exercise. Los Gatos is found in the bay area of San Francisco. The weather is a bit warmer compared to San Francisco. It gets hot throughout the summer months. There are lots of beautiful parks around Los Gatos where senior citizens can do their regular exercise.

Thanks to Modern Medicine

Today, people live longer because of the advancement of modern medicine. The new discoveries in the field of medicine allow someone to live a longer and healthier life. Procedures like angioplasty, transplants, and so much more add more years to a person's life.

It's therefore important to be active regardless of age. Below are some exercises a personal trainer Los Gatos will recommend for senior citizens to perform regularly:

* Walking

This is one of the important exercises senior citizens must never stop doing. Regular walking has numerous benefits. First, it's good for the heart. A 30 minute walk is sufficient to elevate the heart rate of any senior citizen, thereby receiving the aerobic exercise required for the day.

Second, walking firms up the quads. Senior citizens need to exercise the lower limb muscles in order to eliminate or reduce the pain they normally feel round the knee area. By constantly while using leg muscles, blood flow improves and pain diminishes.

Third, walking will help seniors maintain their ideal weight. If they become overweight, they reach become prone to experiencing joint problems.

* Dancing

A personal trainer Los Gatos would recommend light dancing among seniors. It is a fun-filled activity on their behalf simply because they reach socialize with other people. Physical and social well-being are essential aspects. It is ideal that senior citizens dance with a personal trainer to prevent slips and other minor accidents.

* Swimming

Swimming is a superb cardiovascular exercise for seniors. It involves all the major muscle groups. They can complement swimming with exercises like arm lift and leg lift. These workouts are very easy yet extremely effective in increasing the heartbeat. Additionally, they are able to do this exercise using their friends to really make it more fun and interesting.

* Tai chi

A personal trainer Los Gatos would recommend tai chi for that senior citizens to complete on a regular basis. This being active is very safe for them. It's referred to as 'meditation in motion' since you do non-stop slow movements. It is good for flexibility, cardiovascular health, also it even improves tone of muscle.

It's believed to cure illnesses caused by senior years since it does not stress the muscles an excessive amount of, the movements are very gentle to the joints, and there's no jumping involved. It's typically a group activity. It's ideal for seniors to remain socially-active to avoid depression.

* Chair exercises

The chair exercises can make the lower body much stronger. A personal trainer Los Gatos can guide senior citizens on how to perform chair exercises. If they regularly move their leg muscles, it will not weaken and shorten because of atrophy. Seniors must remain active. It is the only way to eliminate pains and aches. A personal trainer Los Gatos who is highly qualified can be their partner towards a healthy lifestyle. A personal trainer can guide them along the way so as not to injure themselves.

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